I shoot with a Nikon D750. It's an awesome camera for many reasons, but a few which stand out: 1) the grip feels perfect in my hand, 2) the flip screen comes in handy a lot more often than I expected and 3) the auto focus and low light capabilities are excellent. Being able to shoot at higher ISOs without compromising image quality is always a bonus. I also have a D90, which serves as a backup. 

My iPhone 6S belongs in this category too, since I consider it a secondary camera over the D90. I'm not into all the gadget hype, but I do love Instagram.


Three lenses make up my standard kit... a 24-70 f/2.8 which is on my camera most of the time, a 70-200 f/2.8 and a 50mm f/1.8 prime. The 70-200mm is a bit heavy for my liking but the compression simply cannot be beat when it comes to isolating subjects. The 50mm also does well with isolation thanks to the super shallow depth of field, and it's a helluva lot smaller and lighter. Someday I'd like to add an 35mm and a 85mm, at which point I'll consider my kit complete.


I'm a natural light shooter, so my flash rarely leaves the bag. Instead I use a couple reflectors to bounce and direct light when needed. I also have a polarizing filter that I pull out once in a while too. Since I always shoot on location (and mostly outdoors), I don't use things like studio backgrounds or props.

I'm not crazy about straps, but I do have a Black Rapid sling for outings when I know there'll be a lot of walking involved. Otherwise a Spider Holster hand strap is my preference. I also occasionally use a Manfrotto tripod, but it's not rated to carry the weight of the D750 with a big lens mounted, so it only comes out if I'm using the 50mm. I guess that's one more thing for the wishlist. ;) Finally, I have an Expo Disc and a Sekonic light meter, neither of which I use much.

Some of my Nikon photography equipment and accessories


I love my Domke bags. I have an FX-3 and an F2 from the Heritage line. They're versatile, sturdy (without being bulky), affordable... and they don't look like camera bags. In fact the grunge-like appearance is what appeals to me most. Because they're made of canvas, I can throw them in the wash if they get mucked up. I also have a Lowepro Fastpack I'm not fond of, but it has proved so useful on family vacations that I can't get rid of it.